Polyethylene material.White colour. Maximum service temperature 60οC.
For use with moderately abrasive powders and granular products , flours , tobacco , fruit , animal feeds , powdered phosphates and urea : and sticky materials , etc. Width 106 mm - 337 mm .
Polyeamide material. White and green colour. Antistatics . Maximum service temperature 110οC . For use with small or medium size granular abrasive materials, rice, sugar, cereals, granulated feeds, cement, clay, active chemicals, detergents, fertilizers, salt ,etc. Width 110 mm- 338mm.
Trapezoidal and dented profiles for transverse and longitudinal applications. Heights 6mm - 16mm.
Straight and inclined profiles for transverse applications .
Height 20 mm - 60 mm. Transversal profiles are welded on the belt by a High Frequency Machine and have excellent quality and long lifetime .
Stainless steel wire meshes.
Applications in :
· Vibrating tray screens
· High pressure Filters
· Cooling circuit Filters
· Grids and trays for thermal treatments
· Decoration
Trapecial and round belts with or without aramide reinforcement .

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